Mission and Outreach


During 2019, the PCC reviewed how it could best fulfil Christ’s call to consider the poor and the oppressed of this world. It was decided to adopt a more focussed approach than hitherto and to concentrate on three main charities rather than the dozen or so previously supported.  These would be relatively small scale organisations, targeting key needs in today’s society and, if not explicitly Christian, with a sharp Christian focus.  One would be locally based, another national and the third overseas

The three Charities of the Year for 2019 were FOODWISE, CHRISTIANS AGAINST POVERTY (CAP) and COMPASSION. FOODWISE is a locally based charity helping relieve the impact of poverty by running food coaching programmes; you may have seen them at work in our Centre kitchen, teaching parents sound nutritional practices. CAP is a national charity with a Guildford branch which provides debt counselling, job clubs and addiction release help. COMPASSION is an international Christian charity working with churches in 25 developing countries; we are supporting their current Child Survival Programme in Haiti, still suffering deeply from recent natural disasters.

We will be continuing to support these three charities in 2020.

We made another change to our charitable giving philosophy which is to give a sum equivalent to 7% of our regular annual giving. In 2019 we  shared £7700 equally between the three charities; £4100 of this came from specific fund raising events including the Quiz Night, Jack’s Coin Trail, and the Christmas Market.

In addition there have been some specific one off events to raise money for specific causes, including The Remembrance Sunday collection organised by the Scouts which raised £764 for Help the Heroes, a £500 gift to the DEC March Cyclone disaster and £1180 from the Summer Fair proceeds for Matrix’s new ventures. In total we donated some £10,000 to charitable causes in 2019.

For the record the Mission and Outreach Committee is a sub committee of the PCC. Reformed in June 2019 it has met in alternate months to the  PCC.    The committee is chaired by Robert Avis, secretary is Jane Farquaharson and members are Sonya Graham, David Hunt, Barbara Lawrence, Jean Spencer and Cathy Thompson.