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A message from Rev. Rona

Welcome to a New Year with all the possibilities that come with a new beginning. Entering into this year in complete lockdown may have made your heart sink a little, and the weather hasn’t helped - it’s been more darkness than light!

Yet we begin the calendar year in Christmas season, moving swiftly into Epiphany, and both seasons celebrate light at their heart - Jesus, the light of the world, born in Bethlehem, and the heavens responding to this world changing gift of God’s Son by bringing three stars into conjunction, enticing the Magi to travel to see this light come into the world.

So on the one hand a troubled time for our world, and on the other a faith which reminds us that even this darkness can be overcome by the light come into the world.

2021 will be a year of keeping it simple, keeping it real, and keeping it up.
Simple - God loves us, and in loving him and each other we can bring more light into this darkness.
Real - let’s give ourselves a break and be kind when we get it wrong, find things difficult, or mess up. Years ago my daughter’s Church had a campaign ‘#nofilter’, encouraging people to leave their denials about reality, their affectations, posturing and play acting aside. God loves us as we are, so let’s spend 2021 being ourselves in God’s presence.
Keeping it up - Prayer, Bible reading, loving our neighbour.

These might sound simple, but they are also life changing, so let’s just keep encouraging each other whether we are at home in lockdown, or back to normal; we can be a part of making a difference.

Be a part of the St John’s community, whether in prayer, or worship, fellowship or learning: your participation within this community encourages us all, and so, welcome. 

With blessings

Rev Rona

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The PCC of St John the Evangelist  is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community.

For further information contact Rosanne Bond, Parish Safeguarding Officer on 01483 579462  safeguardingstjohn@gmail.com  or Rev. Rona Stuart-Bourne on 01483 572207. 

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