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Position Name E-mail Telephone
Rector Rev. Rona Stuart-Bourne rector@saintjohns.org.uk 01483 572207
Church Wardens Carole Burtonwood carole.burtonwood@saintjohns.org.uk   07909 920236
Deputy Church Warden Peter Tappin peter.tappin@saintjohns.org.uk  07776 183701
PCC Treasurer Lindsay Dobson treasurer@saintjohns.org.uk 01483 579010
PCC Secretary 1 Nick Bond pccsecretarystjohn@gmail.com 01483 579462
PCC Secretary 2 Tricia Tappin    
Gift Aid Secretary Martin Thonpson giftaid@saintjohns.org.uk 01483 578923
Parish Office & Communications   office@saintjohns.org.uk  
Youth Worker Hannah Pye youthworker@saintjohns.org.uk 07591 674306
Safeguarding Officer Rosanne Bond safeguardingstjohn@gmail.com 01483 579462
Website Martin Thompson website@saintjohns.org.uk  
Facebook Andy Nunney AndyDawnZac@virginmedia.com