Christian Aid


Every May St John's takes part in the national "house-to-house" collection.  It's a time when communities all over the country get together to raise funds to make real and lasting changes in the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

Christian Aid helps the poorest people in the world regardless of faith or nationality and aims to achieve an end to poverty. Its projects include getting  people clean water and sanitation, helping them to get an education, helping them to support their family. Christian Aid only works through partner organizations and never through governments. The partners know the needs of their local communities so the money goes directly where it is needed.

We are always in need of some extra helpers so as to cover as many roads in Merrow as possible, so if you could help, please contact Sara England on 01483 504205 for more information.

Whole families can get involved as children are allowed to deliver the envelopes and can help collect them (though someone over 16 must be present when the envelopes are collected). You would be given a collection bag with envelopes, collector’s badge and guide to collecting. You can do as short or long a road as you have time for.