Baby & Toddler Group

Parenting and caring for children can be one of the most rewarding joys of life, but it can also be lonely, stressful and tiring. Sometimes it helps to spend time with people who understand how you’re feeling because they are going through a similar experience.

In the COVID-19 pandemic we are unfortunately unable to meet however we do run a story and songtime session in it's usual slot at 10am on Mondays on Facebook and shortly afterwards it appears on our YouTube channel. 

When we can run again the Baby and Toddler group at St John’s offers a warm, friendly space to meet other parents, grandparents and carers. There’s a play area for toddlers with toys and crafts to enjoy and also lots of singing. The choice of songs is given to the little ones to select and some have become ‘super requesters’ – choosing nursery rhymes, hymns and any favourite songs on a regular basis.