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Imagine Team

A little background

Based on a document drafted by Rev Rona in July 2020, it was agreed that the restrictions and changes imposed by the pandemic have offered a unique opportunity to reimagine how St John’s – both church and centre could better serve the community of Merrow.

The Imagine team was set up to take the first steps to turn Rev Rona’s vision into reality. It comprises members of the PCC and St John’s community. The importance of having a vision is to ensure we are always looking to enhance the lives of our community and draw people into God’s loving protection!!


Our Vision - “St. John’s - for Christ and Community”

There are three pillars underpinning our vision:

  • St John’s
  • Christ
  • Community


St John’s - the merging of church and centre into simply St John’s - the physical space.

Christ - the principles and values on which the vision is founded.

Community - those involved with St John’s and those not currently involved but who could become part of our Vision.


Our aims for St John’s

We aim to create a centre in Merrow which offers support, comfort, learning, fun, community, hospitality and friendship with a Christian foundation:

  • A place of calm, solace and spiritual nurturing
  • A supportive non-judgmental, inclusive community open to all
  • Somewhere to find companionship and a sense of belonging
  • A welcoming spiritual centre where everyone is valued
  • A place where people can grow, be nurtured and be valued for who they are
  • A place where a relevant, authentic faith can deepen
  • A community reaching out to those in need


To encourage and facilitate dialogue to:

  • Find and develop fresh ideas and initiatives for St John’s
  • Broaden the St John’s community
  • Enable and welcome people to explore and deepen their faith



The turbulence of the past year has shown the need to be adaptable to change, for example using technology and new methods of communication. Some initiatives have already been started, some are for the future and some have not been imagined yet.

During Christmas we created a lite nativity scene outside the church. We have delivered special mugs with biscuits to the Wednesday coffee club members who have been unable to meet during the pandemic. We will shortly be launching a Baby Basics hub, that will supply baby essentials to vulnerable single mothers and families in the Guildford area. We are exploring how the church centre can be used better as a community hub and how we can support vulnerable groups including those who will continue be affected by the outcomes of the pandemic after lockdown is finished.

Shaping a Vision for St John’s is available here 

If you are interested in any of our initiatives or have a suggestion, please email imagine@saintjohns.org.uk