A series of 14 beautiful images were painted by Merrow parishioner Trish Hayman, depicting the stages of Christ’s final journey through the streets of Jerusalem, to his eventual crucifixion and the removal of his body.

When Trish and Rev Rona visited Grayshott pottery together, these unique images were fired onto 14 tiles. At the time, the intention was to mount the tiles in St John’s Church for people to reflect on during Holy Week.

But as you know, this is not possible at the moment, so each of the tiles has been photographed and each one will appear on our website (and Facebook), representing the Stations of the Cross. I hope that the prayer and reading  with each image below will help you reflect more deeply on this final journey of Jesus.

I would recommend taking this journey slowly, with time to contemplate and pray before moving onto the next one.

At this difficult time, I hope you will take some comfort in the Stations of the Cross and knowing you are never alone in the presence of God.

With blessings

Rev Rona

Stations of the Cross - Readings