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Children's Corner


Whilst we are unable to meet and gather together for all our regular children, families and youth focused sessions and groups we invite you to join us online! 

Join Hannah on Sunday's at 10am on Facebook live for Children's Corner. Together we explore the theme of the day, do an activity or game and share ideas for being creative at home. You may even see some of Hannah's funny friends. 

Join Hannah and Rona on Monday mornings at 10am over on Facebook for our Toddler Time where we sing together and hear a story. Sometimes we enjoy a craft or a game together. 

Hannah and Rona have been busy doing assemblies for school including the Pause and Wonder series which may help encorporate a time of reflection into your home schooling timetable. They can be found on our special playlist on YouTube  here.

All our Facebook videos stay on Facebook for you to watch at your leisure and we now have a playlist on YouTube with all of these videos together called Children's Corner. Explore those videos here.

Follow the links below to join in wherever you are or to contact Hannah.


Safeguarding  is of the utmost importance to us at St. John's find out more on our safeguarding page.

Families and Young People

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