Yara Eid - the Girl from Gaza

Yara Eid - the Girl from Gaza

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Publish date Published on Saturday, 22 August 2020 11:18

Yara Eid - "The Girl from Gaza"

In 2018 some of you will remember the inspirational presentation we received from a young lady from Gaza who gave us a most interesting and moving account of her life and plans for the future. Her name is Yara Eid and thanks to Robert Avis, here's an update.

2020 - she has just returned to Edinburgh to start her third year studies in International Relations at the University. You will recall that she was hoping to secure funding for this course when she came to tell us her story back in 2018.

Like so many other students her studies in 2020 were seriously affected by the pandemic and she has spent most of the time in Jordan, studying on-line and working with Amnesty International helping refugees from the Palestinian territories (of whom Jordan has some 3 million). Her parents tried to visit Jordan to see her but I'm  not sure if they got the requisite permissions.

After visiting us, she was spotted by Sarah brown, Gordon Brown's partner, who runs major charities based on global education for women and children. Yara and two of her Atlantic College school friends were invited to address her 2019 International Women's Day conference. Yara became one of the charity's Global Youth Ambassadors. She has also served on  Amnesty International's Youth Task Force, and has contributed to the development of Amnesty's long strategy development.

At Edinburgh she became President of the university's Justice for Palestine Society - not surprisingly given the story she related to us back in 2018.

Happily, through her contact with Sarah Brown and her subsequent work she has raised the funds needed to complete her MA - which is really good news.

If you want to refresh your knowledge of Yara's story, there is a video produced by Verse which you can find on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqbufpXBDKQ   It tells most vividly the story she told us.

What a story! What an inspiration!