Men's Fellowship - UPDATE

Men's Fellowship - UPDATE

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Publish date Published on Monday, 14 September 2020 00:00

Covid 19 is still cramping our style although our September Quarantine Quiz provided us with some light hearted entertainment and more than £250 for charity; which wasn't bad. Many of our planned events are still on hold for more propitious times.

 What is coming up in 2020?

We are trying to organise a Pilgrimage Walk over the Downs and the Wildwood to Clandon and back through Clandon Park, however the new law on "Rule of 6" is curtailing things for a while and we'll keep you informed.


Coming up at some reasonably Covid-free time (2021) will be;

THE RAT TRIP. An evening out on the Mid Hants REAL ALE TRAIN.

EXPERIENCES OF A JP. Our first 2021 Men's Breakfast at which Ian Farr will talk about his experiences as a Justice of the Paece.

LUNCH AT THE CLINK. Following Vic Lawes talk to us last year about the CLINK charity and its work in prisons we aim to sample the menu at the CLINK RESTAURANT at HMP High Down.

Watch this space for news of these and more events and meanwhile Keep Safe.

The Mens Fellowship Team.