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Publish date Published on Wednesday, 15 July 2020 09:30


Whilst you are all clearing out your lofts and your cupboards and drawers during this period of isolation, please keep a look out for items that might be helpful to our Open the Book Team.

Just to remind what on earth is the Open the Book Team. It’s the St. Johns team of 10 volunteers who are ready to go into primary schools to tell Bible stories.    We use material designed by the Bible Society especially for this purpose. We cover all the best Bible stories over the course of some years from the Creation story, through the First Christmas to Paul being shipwrecked.

We have set up a partnership with Merrow C o E Infant School and are raring to go; except of course we can’t the moment because of Covid 19.

Whilst we are on Covid-hold we want to acquire some props to add to the drama, and you might well have some of these that you are just about to chuck out.    What we are wanting are materials that turn us into shepherds or kings, Marys and Marthas, along with puppets, toy sheep, donkeys and camels (or real ones), roman soldier’s gear, shields and so on, shawls, swathes of material useful as wrap around robes or to drape over chairs as hill country or flowing streams. I hope you get the idea.  

I am sorry we will have to ask you to store them for us for the time being, but when things become clearer we will make arrangements for them to be collected. Please let me know in the meantime that you have some gear and it will really help the team to know that you are supporting them and their work in getting the Bible stories to children in our schools

Robert Avis

01483 575327 or robertavis@raavis.plus.com