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The joy of singing bringing hope to those living with Parkinson’s

The joy of singing bringing hope to those living with Parkinson’s

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Publish date Published on Saturday, 4 July 2020 10:00
The joy of singing bringing hope to those living with Parkinson’s

On Saturday, a charity single ‘Spring of Life’ is being released to raise funds to support people living with Parkinson’s in Guildford and South Surrey (as part of Parkinson’s UK). All 45 participants recorded themselves at home. The result is an extra special lockdown version of the uplifting song, which will premiere live on YouTube this Saturday 4th July at 9pm. The Merrow Community Gospel Choir together with three other local choirs combine voices under the direction of Motivation by Music founder Emily Bollon (who also wrote ‘Spring of Life’).

Rev. Rona is one of the Merrow singers and described the impact of lockdown on the choir as ‘pretty devastating, as our fledgling community had to go online, with many  struggling to adapt to the new technology. It was Emily’s enthusiasm that motivated the choirs to continue singing.’  

‘Although we have all sung ‘Spring of Life’ many times, it is very different trying to record it alone and at home. After placing a notice on my door saying 'DO NOT ENTER - Diva recording!' I put my headphones on so I could hear the backing track and pressed record. I recorded a few times - hating to hear myself singing without any backing. After sending this to Emily, I then had to film myself singing (without headphones).’

‘I can't wait to hear what the blended sound is like because we are so much stronger as a choir than the sum of our parts - singing together gives me such joy, hope and happiness. It really lifts the spirits. Emily is encouraging, enthusiastic, and gets the best out of us all. We all long to be back together again, but hopefully this is a good distraction until we can be.’

With blessings


’Spring of Life’ re-release premieres on YouTube here.

If you would like to this appeal you can do so via JustGiving