The Stewardship Campaign

Dear Fellow Member of our St. John’s Family,

It was in May last year that we wrote about the bleak state of St. John’s finances. The situation was set out in our letter with an appeal that we should all prayerfully consider how God would want us to respond.

It was in early October, appropriately around Harvest time, that Jacqueline’s sermon gave thanks to God for his boundless generosity to us and lauded our commitment to funding the spreading of the Good News here in Merrow.

Her sermon rounded off our 2017 Stewardship Campaign and now we want to share our joy at the generosity that has been so freely shown.

In simple terms, we set out to increase our regular annual giving by some £20,000 which would eliminate, on an ongoing basis, the operating deficit which has seriously drained our reserves. We also needed to replenish the reserves to cover the cost of maintaining our Church fabric in good order for the future.

What your generosity means is that;

  • We have increased our giving by some £19,300 year on year
  • We have firm commitments from the 72 who have signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme in addition to those who have preferred to continue their Standing Orders.
  • We have a hedge against future inflation as nearly 50 people have committed to annual COL indexation.
  • We have effectively wiped out the predicted annual deficit this year and given us confidence for a much more sustainable future.
  • With additional one-off gifts amounting to some £150,000, the general church fund reserves are back to the level which the PCC considers prudent to cover future contingencies.

We have all been praying that we would have a generous response and, by the grace of God, we have exceeded our expectations. What a marvellous gift towards God’s work in Merrow and what a great way to welcome Rona when she joins us in February.  

With all our heart and for the love of Christ we say to you all: Thank you.

Robert, Helen, Jacqueline and Dermot.

December 2017

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