Clergy Letter

From a clergy desk:

While Easter day is only a few weeks past, it can sometimes seem like that joyful, hopeful new-life Easter-spirit can begin to become dampened somewhat by the ‘back to the grindstone’ trudge of yet another school-term and the challenges of juggling work-life – home life and simply life itself sometimes!

But all is not lost – the festivals of Ascension and Pentecost are just around the corner to revive that Christian spirit and fervour that was with Mary Magdalene as she declared ‘I have seen the Lord!’ - and with us at St John’s as we renewed our baptismal vows singing, ‘Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, and lighten with celestial fire, thou the anointing Spirit are, who dost they sevenfold gifts impart’….

Ascension Day falls on Thursday 25 May this year and marks the end of forty days of appearances by the risen Jesus to his disciples as he ascends to his Father and the beginning of a period of preparation for Pentecost – Sunday 5 June – where we, along with the disciples look towards receiving the promised spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit which will empower us to be bearers of the fruit of God’s Kingdom in the church’s life – and especially for us, in the new life of St John’s under the spiritual leadership of a new Rector.

So how can we all play our part in this amazing unfolding drama that tells of God’s unfailing love for us through the resurrection and ascension of Jesus before God’s Holy Spirit is rested upon us through him, just as it did for those disciples in that upper room all those years ago?

Well, it would be wonderful if you could:

  • join us for the 6.30am service for Ascension Day – yes AM and not PM (!) – that will take place in the centre - followed by breakfast bacon butties.
  • Come and engage in the various prayer initiatives we will be putting on at St John’s during the week leading up to Pentecost in response to the Archbishops’  ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative ….
  • Join us at church for the celebration of Pentecost at 10am on Sunday 4 June (Whit Sunday)
  • and finally – on Pentecost afternoon - come along and join us as we come together with all churches across the Diocese to meet at the Cathedral for an afternoon of picnic, party, and festive fun – ending with a contemporary praise service of thanksgiving to God for all his goodness.

More information about the Pentecost ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ celebration will follow, but please save the dates in the meantime…

There is a wonderful line in the film ‘The Great Marigold Hotel’ that goes, ‘It will be alright in the end – and if it isn’t alright, it isn’t the end…..’ Let us work together - pray together - and be ‘alright’ together through the love of God through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s to hopeful waiting….


Clergy Letter
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