From the Rectory

At my interview for Merrow in September 2017 I quoted from this prayer:    

This is the Church of my dreams: The Church of the warm heart,
Of the open mind, of the adventurous spirit.

The Church that cares, that heals hurt lives,
That comforts old people, and that challenges youth,
That knows no divisions of culture or class;
no frontiers, geographical or social.

The Church that enquires as well as asserts,
That looks forward as well as backward,
The Church of the Master, the Church of the people; His people,
high as the ideals of Jesus, low as the humblest human.

A working Church, a worshipping Church,
An enchanting, winsome, charming, captivating Church.
A Church that inspires courage for this life,
and hope for the life to come;

A Church of courage, a Church of all good men and women,
This Church of my dreams is the Church of the Living God. Amen

I spoke of the Church of my dreams being a place where we deepen our engagement with the community in Merrow, and where we reach out to families and young people, and that we do this through a profound, continually growing spirituality.

As excited as I am to be in this new role, I will begin calmly, and observe rather than making immediate changes and starting new schemes in the first few weeks. Bishop Andrew quotes from Exodus 14 in his Lent book ‘The Way of the Desert’: “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to keep still.”  Of course, even the greatest man that ever lived; namely Jesus, didn’t meet everyone and do everything he wanted to in one go. Instead, he inspired people, and met with people one at a time; transforming them through personal relationship and encounter (notwithstanding the feeding of the five thousand, sermon on the mount etc!).

In these early days my focus is getting to know you and hearing your stories. I would love to start a Monday morning Contemplation group from 9-10 in the Church, to invite people into the Rectory for hospitality, to hear of the gifts which you are overflowing with and would like to share with this parish. I would like to begin a regular activity with young people; both the under 10s and teens, and I would be very keen to begin a Bible Book Club (Bible Society Bible Book Club – look it up!).

However, for now, I am just delighted to be here, in the Church of my dreams, and together we’ll make it the Church of our dreams, where God’s love will transform all our lives.

With love
Rev Rona