Clergy Letter

The Making of a Saint:

I was pondering on what to write about this month, and the Editor pointed me to a delightful story from a wonderful collator and writer of spiritual wisdom and practice, Margaret Silf.[1] As we read this little gem, and as we gather to celebrate All Saints Day on 5 November, I invite us all who are embraced and held by the prayerful and enlightening presence of St John’s to remember that we are all saints in the eyes of God, known by name, loved and cherished - ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ (Ps 139)

And so to our story……

“Johnny was out shopping with his mother one morning in the high street. Feeling a bit bored he happened to look up at the windows of the nearby church. He wasn’t very impressed. From the outside they looked drab and dull and a bit grimy. He said as much to his mother.

‘Let’s go inside’, she said to him. So they went into the church and his mother took him to where the big stained glass windows were.

At first Johnny was entranced by the magical coloured patterns on the stone floor of the ancient church. They seemed to dance in front of him as the morning light streamed through the windows. ‘Look at that,’ he pointed to the dancing image on the floor. ‘What is it, Mum?’

‘Well,’ his mother replied, ‘Actually that’s a saint. See the window up there which looked so dull from the outside? There’s a saint up there in the stained glass, and the light is shining through her and making her dance for us here on the stone floor.’

Johnny stored this information in his heart, and the two of them went home for dinner.

A few days later Johnny’s class was having a religious instruction lesson. The teacher was talking about saints. ‘What do you think makes a saint?’ he asked the class.

Johnny’s hand shot up. ‘A saint is someone the sun shines through,’ he explained, ‘and when that happens, the stones come to life.’”

What a lovely thought!

May the sun shine through you in all that you do as we seek to make the stones of St John’s alive and inviting to those who are yet to discover this communal place of sanctuary and peace.

Blessings, Jacqueline


 [1] Margaret Silf, One Hundred Wisdom Stories from around the World, Lion Publishing, 2003, p43

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