Tools for Africa

Tools for Africa collection 2019


At a St. John’s Centre jumble last year, a lady expressed interest in some of the hand tools and bought several. When asked why she had bought them, she explained that she gave them to a charity that collected tools for Africa.

We thought this would be a great charity focus for St John’s and broader local community.

  • There is a real need in many African countries for this type of self-help stimulus.
  • There must be loads of surplus hand-tools in the Merrow/Guildford area looking for a good home.
  • Collection of tools is a tangible and tactile way of charitable giving (a change from cash).
  • It would engage members of our community in the process, with a particular focus on young people:
    • Local congregations.
    • Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Cubs, others.
    • Information, education & links to the recipients.
  • A collection and ‘tool triage’ process is important and an opportunity for involvement:


Following research, we have established a link with an established charitable partner that has infrastructure in place and can provide educational resources.

  • Our partner is the Christian charity TWAM (Tools With a Mission)
  • Their website provides excellent information about the TWAM foundation and operation.
  • The tools collected will be prepared and assembled into KITS by TWAM.
  • St John the Evangelist’s Mission and Outreach committee fully supports this initiative.

What tools are required?

We hope to collect a huge range of tools, hand and powered (non-battery). We will operate a local “tool triage”.

  • Builders’ tools

Chisels, hammers, screwdrivers, hacksaws, pliers, trowels, spirit level, tapes

  • Carpenters’ tools

Saws, planes, chisels, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, hand drills, clamps, vices

  • Electricians’ tools

Hammers, pliers, files, screwdrivers, spanners, soldering iron, voltmeter, lamp

  • Gardeners’ tools

Spade, fork, rake, hoe, sickle, secateurs, loppers, axe

  • Ground workers’ tools

Axe, pick axe, spade, fork, sledge hammer, crowbar, shovel, spirit level

  • Leatherworkers’ tools

Bradawls, clamps, cutters, hammers, pliers, punches, knives

  • Motor mechanics’ tools

Pliers, punches, grips, screwdrivers, chisels, metric and adjustable spanners, wrench, hacksaw, drill, screwdrivers, socket set, gauges, clamps, squares

  • Plumbers’ tools

Drill, files, grips, hammers, pipe cutter, hacksaw, solder wrench, blowlamp

  • Garage workshop

Files, pliers, spanners, snips, wrench, screwdrivers, hydraulic jack, screw trolley, battery charger, car ramp, axle stands, winch, soldering irons, electric drill

The above lists are key items supplied not a complete list of tools in each kit.

  • Power tools (mains not battery)
    • Hand and bench drill, sander, planer, jigsaw, circular, band and chop saw, lathe, cultivator, rotovator  
  • Sewing machines: manual, electric and treadle
  • Knitting machines: machine, wool and needles
  • Haberdashery: needles, cottons, large material pieces/rolls, buttons, zips


Time to start collecting NOW !

The collection runs from March 2019.

There will be a collection BOX in the foyer of St. John’s Centre. This will be emptied periodically by Gordon.

TWAM also collect computer equipment.

If you have a PC or Laptop you think might be suitable for cleaning and reconfiguration, please contact Gordon. There is a special triage and data cleaning process for computer equipment.

If you have large items or need help with something, please call Gordon.

If you’re a youngster, make sure you have permission to give a tool.


Look out for the educational events, news about our collection and feedback from TWAM.


Contact coordinator:

Gordon Farquharson

4 Greencroft



Tel 07785 265 909