Jack's Coin Trail

On Sunday 4th February at St. John the Evangelist, Merrow, Junior Church member Jack (12) aided and abetted by other members Henry, Josh, Freddie, Poppy, Digby, Caspar and Zac set out to raise money for St. John’s charity-of-the-month, Heads Together, by laying a coin trail down the path from the church door to the church Centre. 

Would there be enough coins?   Would they get to the end?  Would they heck! 

By the fulsome generosity of St. John’s congregation, Jack and his team not only laid coins from one end of the path to the other but had enough coins to start a second line going back up to the church. 

What a great idea and an even greater result for some very single minded St. John’s junior churchers who raised the princely sum of £270.40! 

Congratulations Jack to you and your team on a fantastic achievement.     

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